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PhD in Law (Legal Sciences)

The 3rd Cycle Studies programs of the School of Law of the University of Minho integrate a PhD course in Legal Sciences. This course aims to develop research capabilities and provide solid and advanced training for legal practitioners, researchers and teachers. It is divided into three main areas of expertise: Private Legal Sciences, Public Legal Sciences and General Legal Sciences.

The PhD in Law includes two alternative academic paths, corresponding to the following study plans: Doctoral Program (with doctoral course) and Tutorial Program (no doctoral course). Each of them has a duration of 6 semesters (3 years).

The degree of doctor is conferred on those who demonstrate ability to understand systematics in a scientific field of study, competences, skills and research methods associated with a scientific field, the ability to design, adapt and carry out meaningful research respecting the requirements imposed by academic quality and integrity standards, have carried out a significant body of original research work which has contributed to the widening of the frontiers of knowledge, part of which merits national or international dissemination in publications with the selection committee, be able to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas, be able to communicate with their peers, the rest of the academic community and society in general about the area in which they are specialized, and be able, in a knowledge-based society, to promote, in an academic and professional context, technological, social or cultural progress.

The doctoral research is done with tutorial guidance of one or more mentors, culminating with the delivery and the respective oral defence of an original dissertation specially produced to obtain a doctor's degree in law.