School of Law

The School of Law is an organic unit of the University of Minho and its creation dates back to the beginning of the Law Degree in the academic year 1993/1994, being the third public law school to be established in Portugal. In 2005, it acquired the status of School with full autonomy.

The School of Law assumes special relevance in the national and international legal map and has a teaching staff, as well as a body of technical, administrative and management workers, highly qualified, which allows it to offer high quality teaching projects, at the level of bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. Currently, the Law School offers two Bachelor’s degrees – Bachelor’s degree in Law and Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice – ten master’s courses and a PhD course, with or without doctoral program


It is located in the Gualtar Campus of the University of Minho, in Braga, and has its own facilities, highlighting a simulation room for trial hearings, an act room, two auditoriums, as well as the Law Library and the Salgado Zenha Library.

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