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cost of living

Braga and Guimarães are among the most affordable Portuguese cities to live and study. The cost of living for a student at the University of Minho depends on a series of factors, from the type of accomodation to whether the student cooks at home or eats out. In any case, an approximate cost of living would be between € 400 to € 500 per month.

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how to get to UMinho?

Find here how to get to Reitoria (Braga), Campus de Gualtar (Braga), Campus de Azurém (Guimarães) and Campus de Couros (Guimarães).

student needs students - office for inclusion

The Office for Inclusion – GPI aims to promote inclusion in an academic environment, aiming at equal opportunities, and to provide support to different members of the community with disabilities or special needs. Its mission is to ensure the best accessibility conditions in the University of Minho​. ​

Campus de Gualtar
Complexo Pedagógico I – Piso 2 sala 219
Phone: 253 601335/6

student unions

Students’ Union of the University of Minho

The Students’ Union of The University of Minho (AAUM) is managed by students, for students. Representing the students, it was created in 1977 to answer students’ needs, in a university that was growing rapidly. The Students’ Union of the University of Minho was the second Portuguese association to be considered an institution of public interest by the state. It is made up of several departments: cultural, administrative, IT, leisure, sports and career prospects, among others. Their aim is to help students

It also organises several events throughout the academic year. In addition to concerts, exhibitions, theatre and weekly cinema sessions, there are music, dance, theatre and other groups, perfoming throughout the entire academic year. The Student’s Union is also responsible for the academic festivites of the “Enterro da Gata”.

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Alumni Association of the University of Minho

The Alumni Association of the University of Minho is a representative and communitary structure for the UMinho Alumni.

It was created to represent and stimulate the University of Minho’s alumni community. The alumni community currently boasts over 25.000 graduates, found all over the country and abroad, in different professional and social positions and which add value to Portuguese society.

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medical and psychological support

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food & drink

The University of Minho’s Social Support Services are responsible for the food services at the university. The aim is to provide quality food at affordable prices. The whole of the food services activity is based on the continuous improvement of the services and quality of meals.

The University of Minho’s Social Support Services have 4 refectories, 3 in Braga (Gualtar, Santa Tecla and in the Congregados Building, in the city centre), and 1 in the Guimarães Campus, in Azurém.  The Gualtar campus food services have 6 bars, plus another bar exclusive for the teaching staff. It also includes a canteen, a grill and a restaurant. The Santa Tecla complex has a canteen and a bar. In the Congregados Building, there is snack-bar, serving subsidised lunches.

The Azurém Campus has three bars, one canteen with a line for non-subsidised meals as an alternative, plus a grill and an additional bar, supporting the canteen. In Azurém, there is also a bar in the Halls of Residence.

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The Higher Education student needs to take part in regular sports activities, in multiple aspects. They promote socialisation, the ability to overcome obstacles, team spirit, diversity, equality, excellence, and many others.

In the University of Minho’s Sports Complex, not only can the students practice over 70 different sports, but there are also around 150 sports, cultural and leisure events and organisations.

The University of Minho is an institution of sports champions who are awarded, yearly, medals in different sports.

other information

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