School of Law
International Students

international cooperation

The School of Law promotes cultural, scientific and technical exchanges with national and foreign institutions and organizations, through the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff, the development of research and educational programs based on partnerships, and the contribution to international cooperation, with special emphasis on European countries and Portuguese-speaking countries.

international mobility

The School of Law offers its students, from the various study cycles, the possibility of undertaking periods of mobility (part of their study plan and/ or internships) at various foreign universities or companies. To this end, there are different programs, with different scopes, requirements and duration, among which the Erasmus+ Program.
On the other hand, we also receive, every year, a large number of foreign students who choose our institution to carry out their periods of mobility. Their stay with us is enriching for both parties, it opens the School to the world and permits the strengthening of ties with other institutions.

foreign students

The School of Law also has, as well as the entire University of Minho, a very significant number of foreign students, who choose our School to do their undergraduate degrees, or, above all, their masters or doctorates, recognizing the quality and variety of the options we have to offer. These students are very well received within the University and in the cities where it is located, creating bonds that will unite them forever with Portugal and our Academy.