LL.M. inEuropean and Transglobal Business Law


We have designed this new LL.M programme to reflect the modern business context and to give professionals a solid grasp of the theory and practice of the implications of the global marketplace.

The LL.M. programme will enable students to better develop and implement legal strategies in major organisations. The programme offers a unique and innovative blend of core legal subjects ranging from European Union business law to the legal aspects of investment in emerging economies with which Portugal has historic and cultural ties, giving the programme a truly transglobal dimension.

In addition to the core curriculum, students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of specialized seminars, allowing them to tailor their studies to their interests.


The programme consists of 90 ECTS credits

To complete the programme successfully, students must (a) earn 60 credits by taking with passing grades subjects and seminars offered by the programme and (b) earn 30 credits with a required dissertation.

Courses will be taught in a modular, sequential manner; that is, courses will not be taken simultaneously but consecutively. Students will begin a course only after successfully completing a prerequisite course’s exam.

degree awarded

› Master in European and Transglobal Business Law

› Equivalent to Mestrado in Portugal and Brazil


Starting in October, the programme has a duration of 3 semesters.



› Comparative Legal Systems
› European Union Law
› International Economic Law
› Fundamentals of International Taxation
› European Corporate Law
› European Contract Law


› European Competition Law
› European and International Tax Law
› Essay Writing Skills

Elective courses taken in the 2nd semester

› Legal Aspects of Investment In Brazil
› Legal Aspects of Investment In China
› Legal Aspects of Investment In Angola
› Legal Aspects of Investment In India

Seminars which can be taken in the 2nd semester*

› International and Economic Criminal Law
› Investment Protection Arbitration
› Electronic Contracting
› Space Law and Private Space Activities
› Private International Law Related Issues
› European Labour Law
› Electronic Communications Law
› Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law
› International Intellectual Property Law
› Legal Systems in Latin America and Promotion of Foreign Investment
› Portuguese-Speaking African Countries Constitutional Systems
› Legal Aspects of Investment in Portuguese-Speaking African Countries
› Diplomacy
› Maritime Law
› Investment and Human Rights
› Foreign Investment in East Timor
› International and European Public Procurement
› Time Management
› A legal approach to investment in the US

* Please note that a minimum of 5 students must enrol in a seminar before that seminar will be given.
In the spring term, students must choose two elective courses and optional seminars (up to 5 credits units), in order to complete 30 credit units

External students, who are not enrolled as full-time students in the programme, may register and pay for individual curricular units or seminars.